2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Recap

Women’s football is not something you get to see every day. With some of the leagues moving to a standard autumn to spring schedule, you are more likely to catch women’s matches at the same time as men’s. But, what most people were not aware of is the fact that 2019 was the year in which a Women’s World Cup took place. It was the eighth Women’s World Cup, it being established in 1991 and played every 4 years.

Women’s World Cups are events which have more following than domestic leagues, that much is certain. Punters from all over the world follow the Women’s World Cup, just like they would the regular one. Where there is football, there is money. For the technologically aware punters, bonus codes provide them with more opportunities to bet, like this Unibet bonus code Australia 2019. So, what was the 2019 Women’s World Cup like? Who took home the trophy?

It Took Place in France – The Finals Were in Paris

It is only fitting that women’s football should be played in France, as it is one of the countries which has always been a threat on the international stage. Unfortunately for France, their team lost in the quarter-finals to the United States, even though they had a good showing in groups and in the round of 16. They had a hard time in the round of 16 against Brazil, where they managed to score the last goal during extra time.

The French weren’t pleased with their team’s results, as France is yet to lift a trophy in women’s football.

The US Ladies Take Home Another Win

Finishing the group stage with 3 wins, the United States national team went on and defeated Spain 2 to 1 in the round of 16. They fought France in the quarter-finals, a match which they won 2 to 1, again. Their semi-final opponents were none other than the English, another team which they beat 2 to 1, that being the third time in a row with the same score. The Finals, however, were much more one-sided, where they managed to beat the Netherlands with a score of 2 to 0. The United States team took home their fourth trophy.

The World Cup – Was it Successful?

The success of the 2019 Women’s World Cup is something people have talked about for a while. One of the reasons for that is because prior to the cup, many wanted women players to have the same salaries as men players. The base salaries are the same in Australia, for example, but men still earn more money as they have a lot more time on the pitch. In Europe, it is not even a contest.

The World Cup was met with mixed receptions, partly because the finals weren’t advertised properly in Paris, on a local scale.

The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup was a step in the right direction, one that will take women’s football to a new level, with enough time.