5 Things You Need to Know About Women’s Football

Football is a great sport and is played all over the world. Men and women play football, and the fans love it. It is actually the most popular sport on the planet, being watched by over a billion fans worldwide who are also interested in bet365 football betting.

But, men’s football is the part of the sport which many people watch, even though there is a women’s part. Women’s football doesn’t have nearly as many fans as men’s does, and that is a bit of a problem. It not having many fans means many people are not as familiar with women’s football as they should be. Here are the 5 things you need to know about women’s football.

Women’s Football Used to be Banned

Back in 1920, women got the right to vote, but, the next year, they lost the right to play football. They couldn’t play football professionally, at least, on a pitch with a referee. It was quite a debacle which took half a century to be solved. Queue in 1971 and women are allowed to play football again. The world of women’s football was lacking since the very start, and for a good reason, as they weren’t even allowed to play it.

Women’s World Cup – Women Have Their Own Championship

Just like men’s football, women have their own world cup, called the FIFA Women’s World Cup. It was started in 1991 and is still, to this day, played every 4 years, just like any other world cup.

Given its very short existence, there are only a few winners. The United States has the most titles, namely four, including the last one at the 2019 World Cup. Germany has two titles, while Japan and Norway have a single title. It’s obvious that women in the United States take football very seriously, or that it isn’t as popular in the other countries of the world, not including Japan, Germany and Norway.

Women’s Super League Standard Schedule

The English Women’s Super League used to have a summer schedule. This made it difficult, as it was in a completely different time as the men’s football leagues. In 2017, it was changed to be standard, from autumn to spring. This is a huge move for women’s football in England, as it allows more opportunities for the ladies, national and international, not to mention that the matches will be getting coverage due to the standardized schedule.

Women Players Earn a Lot Less

The top women players are not even close to the top men players, but not by a mile. They have a yearly salary which is worth as much as a weekly salary of a top tier male player, let’s say, Lionel Messi. Even though Messi is an outstanding player, with a very high salary, some men get more on a weekly basis than women do on a monthly.

This is due to the base salary being lower for women, except in Australia, where it is the same. But it is also due to the number of games that men play compared to women over the years, which is a lot more. Men’s football also has a lot more coverage and a lot more money invested into it, from sponsors and fans alike, not to mention punters.

These are some of the interesting things you should know about women’s football.