The Best Online Football Games

Football is the most watched and probably the most famous sport in the world. People spend hours of their time watching football matches and betting on them, predicting the score. If you are one of the avid bettors, but football is just not your thing, use this casino promo code PA 2018 to test your luck in various casino games. And, for those who enjoy spending their free time playing sports games, here’s a list of some of the best online football games.

Football Legend Online

A free-to-play online sports game, Football Legend Online carries its flattering title for a reason. Players are offered total control of any action their avatar wants to make. There is also a full control of the ball, shooting and dribbling. It has a great 3D quality for an online game and it has an option of premium purchases to obtain items of higher quality. There is no team mode, though – you control one player and the main objective of the game is to score a goal and win.

England Soccer League

England Soccer League is based on the Premier League and offers a choice of all the teams that are featured in the League. The players can choose their favorite team, beat their rivals and brag about their wins. The teams have different names due to copyright reasons, but the gameplay is similar to that FIFA and PES offer. The game has a choice of other European leagues, as well.

Football Superstars

An online football game that has a lot of options to offer. Developers try hard to add new players to the game. The graphics are very realistic and the gameplay is similar to that featured in high-end video games. There is a catch, though – players need to download the game set-up to be able to play the online version. We promise it is worth it – the game offers some of the best teams and players from all over the world, and, as the player progresses, the game can be saved. Football Superstars game also offers a leaderboard, where players can check their statistics and see other players’ progress.

Trophy Manager

Another free-to-play game, Trophy Manager is one of the few online football managers. Players are given the options of creating their own team or choosing from a huge number of teams. There is a transfer market, where gamers can buy players and select them for their roster to make the most of their performance.

Online Soccer Manager

Online Soccer Manager is probably the closest thing to the downloadable version of the Football Manager. Gamers can manage a team without playing an actual match, choose from a huge variety of players and clubs and track their progress throughout the game. Online Soccer Manager requires players to log in with either an e-mail or a social network account.

Football Champions

Football Champions is one of the few games that offers high-quality penalty kick gameplay. Gamers are given the option to choose from some of the most popular football stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi. The game is designed for people who enjoy taking penalty kicks, but are too bored to play an entire football match.

We hope you enjoy our selection of online football games – stay tuned, there will be more to come!

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